With 23 years of experience, Casey is well-practiced and passionate at working one-on-one in health and wellness field. Casey became aware of the value of lymph therapy and the need of a Lawrence-area practitioner when a past surgery left her with lymphedema. Likewise, she became aware of her own desire to expand her career toward a holistic practice, and one with endless potential for continuous education. She decided to pursue the lymph training herself and to provide this service to her community. 


"She quickly learned to appreciate the lymph system's role in our health and wellness, and the ways in which it can become impaired, especially in women, those who've had various abdominal surgeries, or those experiencing any chronic illness such as Lyme disease, autoimmune disorders as well as chronic sinus infection and migraines."

In addition to her hands-on therapy, which directly and immediately supports and boosts the lymph system's function, Casey also provides her clients with guidance, support and the tools to clear their organs and nourish their immune system through dietary and lifestyle changes. Casey continues to take classes and workshops to continue her growth as a practitioner. She feels strongly that we can never learn enough about our bodies and maintains an eagerness to share what she learns along the way. She is certified to work with clients that have lymphedema and is a teaching assistant through the Chikly Institute where she received her training. Casey has lived in Lawrence since 1983 and spends her free time with her children, Cienna and Indiana.


"As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give permission to others to do the same."

~Nelson Mandela