Blueberries and bliss....


It is the middle of March.  We arrive at our destination in Fairhope, Alabama.  I found a lovely house on airbnb.  A house on stilts, in the woods, on an organic blueberry farm.  87 acres of beauty.  A private lake.  The pavement ended and the gravel road began....and there is was!  Better than I expected.  So perfect.  The house sat about 20 feet from the lake.  An enormous live oak tree with branches spanning so wide, some of the branches reached down to the ground.  It was truly beautiful.  I can't describe the peace I felt as I pulled down that gravel road.  A big exhale.  We arrived.  I had been looking forward to this trip with my children.  My son is graduating from high school in May and my daughter is a sophomore in college.  I don't know how many more "spring break trips" they will want to enjoy with me.  Unplugged, nature.  This is the kind of trip we enjoy.   I am grateful that I have children that are as excited to unplug and return to something more pure and raw with me.  

I had been stressed about many things going on in my life.  I needed this downtime...away, to relax and reflect.  To restore.  To be one with nature.  I reflected on many things.  Mostly how the simplicity is what brings me happiness.  I don't need much.  A cabin in the woods.  I could do this....forever in fact.  But, I don't live in Alabama, in the woods.  I live in Lawrence, Kansas.  I have a beautiful life and I love my work.  The chore for me then is how to incorporate THAT peace into a daily practice.  I have been practicing yoga and meditation.  I have my time in nature.  It is important for me to have solitude.  I can't do the busy life.  I have always craved my solitude, many people don't understand me because of it.  Often those close to me feel that I am pushing them away, when in reality, I am simply doing what my soul needs and craves.  I have gotten better at honoring that part of me.  Sometimes I have to leave things behind in my life that don't fit what feels best to the growth and nourishment of my soul.  This isn't always easy, but it always feels "right" when I truly listen to my own inner guidance.  This is what returning to nature provides me with...a more distinct knowing of what will nurture my life the most.  Sometimes my life becomes chaotic and I lose that connection and can't seem to hear that inner voice.  I am grateful that over time, I honor it.  I respect it as a truth for me.